May 3, 2012


Happiness is...

...chillaxing on a hammock by the beach.  Sigh!



Dear Happy Bloggers,

Please don't get mad at me for posting this so late and STILL not having visited your past two Happiness Is meme entries :(  I hope you all forgive me for being in a semi-hiatus blogging state.  I haven't updated my blogs for the past two weeks, actually, going three now.  That being said, I have yet to drop by to all those who left comments in any of my three blogs - scratch that - I haven't even approved comments yet!  I know... tsk, tsk, hence, my apologies.  

Anyways, here's our featured entry for week #17:

Munting Pangarap ni Ningning!
This post made me singing, "I am but a small voice, I am but a small dream..." ♪♫  Thanks, Ning, for sharing the story of your childhood dream.  May God continue to bless you and answer your sincerest dreams.  And take note, as far as I can remember, binulsa ko talaga yang Ingles mong yan!


In a little short while, Happiness Is #18 link is going live.  I hope you guys continue to join in and share your happy stories in this meme.  By next week, I'll make sure to catch up on blogging and start approving comments and visit back all your entries for the past two weeks.  Until then!  :)