March 15, 2012


Hi guys!  It's past midnight already here, so I'm just quickly dropping by to announce our featured happy blogger for Happiness Is... week #10:

Michie said reading is her passion, and collecting books is happiness to her.  If you haven't hopped on to her post yet, please do to find out what particular story line captures her interest ☻

Hey Michie, just a thought, have you ever tried joining book giveaways?  I've come across a few blogs who host such contests, and I'm sure there are a lot more others out there, so why not give it a shot?  After all, you have just been randomly selected to be our happy blogger, so you might want to try your "raffle-luck" on those book giveaways? ☻

And for the rest of my blogging buddies here, Friday is just around the corner, so get your happy posts ready to share here, because in this blog, there is always an extra room for happiness!  See ya :) 


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha... Oo nga eh, pero mas mabuti din yung lahat napagbibigyan ;-).

      Natuwa nga ako sa comment ni KM sa blog ko eh... Sis KM, wala kaming LQ ni pinagbibigyan nya lang ang iba para ndi magtampo..LOL.

      Congrats again, Michie...

  2. Thank you KM.yes, try ko din yan,blog hop din ako sa mga book bloggers kapag may free time ako.thank you so much sis KM.


  3. How to join this meme po? :) I got some happy posts to share din kasi...

    Congratulations, Michie! :)


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