September 6, 2012


Happiness is...

...finding the Fairyhobmother's trail here!  I've been reading a lot of bloggers' close encounter with him and joining him in his mission of spreading happiness across the cyberworld, and I've been following and stalking him around blogs, so you can just imagine how happy I was this morning when I saw that he finally noticed me.  Hooray!

The Fairyhobmother mentioned that he and his fairy lords had been very busy recently over there in woodland, but I had no clue that they actually do daily household chores like us, too.  In fact, he even showed me the Top 5 Washing Machines they use!  Jeez, who would've thought that?  I bet you that you were never told about that back in your fairy storytelling days.  Pretty interesting, eh? ;)

Anyway, before the Fairyhobmother left my blog to flutter by another blog, he said that if my friends leave a comment here, there's a big chance he will also visit them.  So, guys, if you want to know more about the Fairyhobmother and join him as well in his mission, comment away and make sure to leave links where he can visit you.  Who knows, you might be the next lucky blogger he'll get in touch with!

Thanks again, Fairyhobmother!☻

August 17, 2012

May 3, 2012


Happiness is...

...chillaxing on a hammock by the beach.  Sigh!